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Your Go-To Wholesale

Pharmaceutical Supplier

Whether you are a clinic, surgery center, hospital, or other healthcare facility, Broughton Pharmaceuticals' deep experience and network of pharmaceutical suppliers can help cover your shortages.

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Surgery Center, WA

The team at BP is always quick to answer whenever we reach out. They're a lifesaver!


Thank you so much for being so prompt!

Hospital, NV

When we can’t find it anywhere else, it seems like the team at Broughton Pharmaceuticals can get it and fill our need.

Vascular Center, GA

The team at BP does a great job keeping up with us. We never feel like we've been forgotten and they're our secret weapon.

Infusion Center, NC

It's been a pleasure working with the BP team as it grows. Looking forward to relying on them for years to come.

Helping our customers better serve their patients

Your patients come first. That’s why it’s our mission to provide you with reliable and timely service to help you improve the quality of care and service you deliver to your patients.

For over twenty years, Broughton Pharmaceuticals has partnered with hospitals, infusion clinics, and outpatient surgical facilities to ensure short or difficult-to-find pharmaceuticals reach the patients who need them, when they need them.


Adapting to an ever-changing market

Markets can be unpredictable. We either stock or guarantee a wide variety of high-grade pharmaceuticals, including many that are supply sensitive or backordered. Our team of experienced professionals works with an extensive network of manufacturers and suppliers across the country to ensure your patients receive uninterrupted care.



Broughton Pharmaceuticals, LLC is based out of Savannah, Georgia, and licensed in 42 states.


Your Trusted Secondary Pharmaceutical Supplier

Services & Products

Whether you are a clinic, surgery center, hospital, or other healthcare facility, we ensure you are provided with competitive pricing and excellent customer service.


Infusion Drugs


Tablets & Capsules


Plasma/ Biologics


Medical Fluids & Supplies



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